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Self suction pump is a hydraulic machinery for pumping water

Self sucking pump is a water conservancy pumping machine. It is made up of pump body, rotary assembly, faucet assembly, drain cover, water inlet pipe, outlet pipe and stop net. The self-priming pump has excellent performance, deep suction range, large flow and time saving work. It is the best pump machinery in the real society. Then let's talk about the main use of the self - suction pump.

1, suitable for urban environmental protection, building, fire fighting, chemical industry, pharmaceutical, dyestuff, printing and dyeing, brewing, electricity, electroplating, papermaking, mining and washing, equipment cooling and so on.

2. It is a good machine for farm, nursery, orchard and vegetable garden when it is installed with a rocker type sprinkler, and water can be washed into the air.

3, it is suitable for clear water, seawater and chemical medium liquid with acid and alkalinity and paste with general paste (medium viscosity <100, and solid content up to 30% or less).

4, can be used with any type and specification filter press, the best matching pump for filter press when the slurry is sent to the filter press. Stainless steel self priming pump

Some centrifugal or rotary pump must add water before absorbing water, and form a closed environment in the pump chamber. Then the pump can run to form negative pressure to achieve the purpose of water absorption. For example, a manual pumping pump used in the former countryside. No self-priming pump, every time before water absorption should be added, it is very troublesome. This is one of the most important reasons why people prefer self - sucking pumps.

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