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Each submersible pump enterprise should actively innovate an

The submersible pump is not a stranger in our daily life. It is an important equipment for water extraction in deep wells, and the groundwater is extracted to the surface. Submersible pump is widely used in mine rescue, industrial cooling, irrigation, water lifting, ship ballast etc. throughout the submersible pump market in China, many brands, submersible pump production enterprises continue to grow, the whole submersible pump industry a good momentum of development, but there are also some difficulties. The following is as follows:

In recent years, with the development of the submersible pump industry in China and the improvement of production technology, the continuous improvement of the technological content and quality of products has made the number of submersible pumps exported to China increasing, but it also faces some development difficulties.

Submersible pump

The development dilemma of submersible pump industry

1. There is still a gap between the overall technical level of the industry and the advanced foreign enterprises

There are many enterprises in the submersible pump industry of our country, but most of them are small in scale, extensive in operation, insufficient in R & D investment, relatively backward in technology and equipment, and have not formed economies of scale effect, and the quality of products is relatively poor. In the blue pump as the representative of the industry of submersible pump enterprises through years of development and accumulation, greatly improve the product quality and technical level, have a certain market share in the international market, independent brands also have a certain degree of development, but compared with foreign advanced enterprises, China's production of wells with submersible pumps should be still in production scale, technology level and innovation ability etc..

(2) the fluctuation of the price of raw materials in the upper reaches and the increase of human cost

In recent years, with the required well submersible pump production of enameled wire, silicon steel sheet, copper and other raw material price fluctuations, rising labor costs, bring some adverse effects to the development of submersible pump industry well, but in the industry some of the advantages of enterprises through technological improvements and large-scale production, continue to reduce the cost of production, and with the degree of market acceptance and brand awareness on the rise, the shift to the lower cost capability has also been enhanced to a certain extent, can alleviate the pressure of the upstream raw material price fluctuation.

(3) the rise in the exchange rate of RMB has caused pressure on export

At present, the submersible pump manufacturers in China are actively participating in the international market competition, and occupy a large market share in the international market with better cost performance advantages. In recent years, the continuous appreciation of the RMB has weakened the price advantage of the export of the submersible pump in our country to a certain extent.

The above is the development of the submersible pump industry in China, the submersible pump enterprises should actively innovate, strengthen scientific research, to better go to the international.

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